Elisa - Queen of Dorks (lily_lemony) wrote in 666darkmore,
Elisa - Queen of Dorks

Happy "Re-Animator" Day!

October 10th, 10:33pm...

"Yes, I think...you!"

This may seem like an ordinary day and time to most, but this is a special day for Re-Animator fans.

In the late evening of October 10th, doctors Herbert West (Jeff Combs) and Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott) cajoled their way past the guard into the Miskatonic Morgue with a sole purpose - to re-animate their first human subject!

After Dr. West injected 15cc's of reagent with no results, he chose to re-inject the subject with another 20cc's...and the results were soon very evident!

We propose that today, October 10th become official Re-Animator Day!

Celebrate by watching the film with friends, at a local theater, or just by yourself! You can also use our special "audience participation" we created several Halloweens ago to make the film even more fun! Check it out here

Happy viewing!
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