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Re-An Remake News (Possible) B.S.

Thank GAWD!

ShockTilYouDrop caught up with Stuart Gordon at the Parasomnia screening I also attended last night and asked him directly about the Re-Animator remake:

"Last night, I caught up to original Re-Animator helmer Stuart Gordon who admitted to seeing the news break and being confused, especially after getting off the phone with producer Brian Yuzna. "I contacted Brian and he didn't know anything about it. I said, 'What's going with the remake?' And he asked, what remake?"

Original news item here

So it all seems like rumor for now. PHEW!

Thank goodness Ryan asked this, because it was one of the questions I wanted to ask Mr. Gordon, but I got all shy (and I was temporarily in "swoon mode" because Jeff Combs was there unexpectedly as well! *blush*)
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